Why Jiu Jitsu has to be effortless? Because you want to do it forever


Judo State Championship 1987 or 1988

When I started BJJ over 25 years ago I was a teenager. Being 30 was far away. Being 40 didn´t even exist in these days and I never thought that BJJ will be still a big part of my life a quarter century later. For me Jiu Jitsu is amazing. It is a never ending art that gives me frequently new aha moments . New details, techniques, strategies, it is amazing how little things can make big differences and how the own game evolves over the years.

I started doing BJJ after Royce Gracie won the first UFC. The idea that a smaller man could beat a bigger and stronger fighter was the main reason for me to start Jiu Jitsu. Even so I was always an athlete and was around 200 pounds since my teenager days for me BJJ was the gentle art that will overcome brute force with intelligent technique.

However it was not until my mid thirties that I realized how important this approach is if you want to train BJJ forever (which is my plan;-)). I understood that having an effortless Jiu Jitsu is the key to not only train but also learn and excel for the rest of your life.

Effortless Jiu Jitsu is not only a technical approach it also contains strategies, training methods and the creation of a great training environment that will allow you to train realistically but safe. Injuries can happen but they should be the exception and not something that happens all the time.

Jiu Jitsu can be an awesome tool of self improvement and I am 100% sure that many people around the world made the same experiences like myself. That´s why I have dedicated my efforts towards teaching my style of effortless BJJ. I want to help people to train forever to learn, to excel to have aha moments that will give them a big smile in their face for the whole day.

BJJ is self defense, it´s a sport and it is an art that touches people pretty deep and I love to share my knowledge and experience with people who dream the same that I have. Getting better in BJJ for the rest of my life and never stop learning.

Maybe it is not an easy task but it is worth trying and I am happy to share my efforts with you so we can overcome the limits of BJJ together to create a new vision of what is possible