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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Why Effortless Jiu Jitsu

If you want to learn and excel in Jiu Jitsu for your whole live you need to become effortless. Becoming effortless in your Jiu Jitsu means you need less strength and explosiveness. Therefore you will have less injuries and can train much longer and with the purpose of getting better because you rely more on good technique in combination with attributes like timing, pressure <<read more>>

About me

I started my martial arts career over 30 years ago with Judo. Later I learned Karate, Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do. After watching the “Gracie in Action” tapes in the early ninetees I was immediately hooked by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I started training on my own with some friends before I met Richard Braga a BJJ Blackbelt from Sao Paolo who become a good friend and trainingpartner. <<read more>>

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

My Instructionals

I am frequently releasing high-quality instructional videos and DVDs. My goal is to teach stuff that is never taught on video before. I focus not only on the variety of techniques but also on the small details that make a technique work more effortless. Usually my videos have a special topic and follow a gameplan that is connecting all techniques together. You can find more informations about my videos <<Here>>


The last 25 years were quite a ride. I trained like crazy, met some very interesting people and learned more about martial arts that I could have ever imagined. Check out my gallerie with snapshots from the past. Meeting all these great masters was quite a honor for me and I am deeply thankful for all these experiences.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Free Videos

If you are interested in free techniques, trailer and other stuff from my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu system or my school. Check out and subscribe my Youtube Channel. All videos are in English for my international viewers. If you have any questions or want me to do a video about a certain topic just put it in the comments or contact me directly.


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