Leglock Prevention – A new way of dealing with leglocks

Let´s be honest. If you don´t understand the modern leglock game and you train under a ruleset that allows these techniques you are in a world of trouble. I honestly belive that if some of my curent purple belts could travel back in time and would roll with me in 2010 they would tap me left and right with heel hooks. You don´t have to be a leglock fanatic but you have to understand the game to defend and prevent it. So even if yo consider yourself oldschool you better learn leglocks so you can adjust your game to them.

Personally I am not a big fan of leglock escapes. Yes it is important to know them but it is not only pretty difficult to escape a full locked in leglock it is also a very risky thing. Especially when you are on the wrong side of 30 or 40 you want to keep your knees out of heel hooks. That´s why I came up with the concept of leglock prevention.

Leglock prevention means to stop the transition from a typical leglock control positions (SIngle Leg X-Guard, X-Guard, Reverse X-Guard) into an actual inside or outside heel hook. This works pretty well and is much safer than  escaping a heel hook that is already locked in.

The video covers a variety of positions and will give you the tools to prevent leglocks before they happen. It doesn´t make you invincible but it gives you an very interesting skill set that can also help you to counter attack or pass your opponents guard. If you train leglocks this video has some interesting concepts for you.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Leglock prevention

The leglock prevention video cover prevention techniques from the most common leglock transition positions like Single Leg X-Guard, X-Guard and Reverse X-Guard

  • Intro
  • Single leg X-Guard control from top position
  • Single leg X-Guard pass 1
  • Single leg X-Guard pass 2
  • Defend the bump sweep and the reaping from single Leg X-Guard + pass
  • X-Guard pass 1
  • X-Guard pass 2
  • Heel hook from X-Guard (top)
  • Prevention of the backside 50/50 heel hook from X-Guard
  • Reverse X-guard pass
  • Prevent the inside heel hook from reverse X-Guard
  • Prevent the Imanari roll

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