Our credo – Jiu Jitsu Forever

Jiu Jitsu forever isn´t just a buzz word I use to advertise my method of Jiu Jitsu but one of my most important concepts when it comes to teaching, training and creating the atmosphere in my school. Like you know I was introduced to BJJ when I was 17 years old. Young, strong and healthy I never really thought about injuries. Of course 27 years later things have changed a little however one thing remains the same my hunger for learning and excelling in BJJ.

Jiu Jitsu is a tough sport, being on the mat daily or at least a few times a week will give you some wear and tear on your body. That´s normal and you

Jiu Jitsu Forever

Roy Harris showing me his pressure game in 2002

can´t do much about it but there is some thing that you have control over and that is the way you work out with your training partners and the way they train or roll with you.That is when my credo “Jiu Jitsu forever” comes into play because what I mean by that is that in my school people have to train together to help each other to excel in BJJ. You can only train and learn for the rest of your live if your training partners respect your and also their own limits. If they roll and don´t care about their actions and for example go crazy with their submission attempts sooner or later someone will get injured. They go hard you go hard and this creates a competitive atmosphere that leads to physical and psychological tension, fear and aggression.

There is no place for that in my school. If someone wants to show how good he is he can sign up for a tournament and proof it there but in the gym it is always about getting better together, rolling intense but never aggressive and rather letting a submission slip than cranking it like crazy. I understand if people, especially younger competitors don´t like this idea but I will not sacrifice my credo for their short term success. I will teach people how they can become very good but I would never let them destroy their bodies in my gym just to be great with 25. I want them to be great with 25 but also great with 40 or 50 because if you train BJJ you will always get better if your body doesn´t get destroyed from to intense and aggressive training.

In the Russian martial art of Systema this was always a very important topic and there are tons of training methods to learn how to stay calm and relaxed under pressure. Even my BJJ teacher Roy Harris is a great example of how much you can achieve while moving slow and methodical. If you are able to train in a relaxed and calm manner think of it as freedom because it gives you the freedom to play around with every technique without taking unnecessary risks. We use all the modern heel hook stuff, neck cranks, etc. but with much control and without cranking things and so you are able to explore much more movements safely than if you would go balls to the wall every time.

Jiu Jitsu forever is also one of the reasons for why I have focused so much on being effortless. Being effortless allows me to be relaxed and controlled. If I would have focused on a fast or explosive Jiu Jitsu things would be very different. Therefore our credo really defines not only the way I train and teach but also the technical and tactical aspects of my Jiu Jitsu system. Being able to do Jiu Jitsu for the rest of my live and help people to do the same is one of my main motivations in developing more of my effortless Jiu Jitsu.