My Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructional video series

In my instructional videos I like to focus on unique content and a clear and precise presentation. I only do videos about things I have trained and put time in to research so I can give not just techniques but also little details and tactical advice of how to use the content on the video.

After being involved in BJJ for over 25 years it is quite natural to have a personal approach to things. I love to be inspired by many sources but I have my own approach and I am not following trends or copying people. I teach stuff that can be used by anyone and doesn´t require extreme speed, flexibility or strength. The movements are based on solid mechanical principles but for me BJJ is more a practical craft and art than it is a science. I don´t create BJJ in my mind but I let my body intuitively find a way to do things as effortless as possible. Later I dissect the techniques into little pieces and break them down rationally step by step so you can learn them more easily.

Since I only do videos on stuff I use myself nearly all my video series are connected because they are different parts of a complete system. My approach is very progressive which means that things will always change and improve with the goal to become more realistic, efficient and effortless.

Most of the stuff I do works not only for No-Gi BJJ but also for Self Defense and MMA. Some of my products are completely focused on Self Defense which is besides No-Gi my second passion in BJJ. If you have any questions regarding my video series just mail me. You can find all my video series on DVD and OnDemand at

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