The Guillotine Guard Gameplan

The Guillotine Guard is not just a random collection of moves but a complete Guard control system wich can be used alone or together with other forms of Guard control. If you have learned the basics of the Guillotine Guard it is important to understand the different transitions between all the control positions and submissions. That´s why I have made this two gameplans for you. They will help you to connect the information from my 2 Guillotine Guard series into one big game.

Plan 1 focuses on all your options once you have locked in your Guillotine Guard. You will see all submissions and transitions into other control Positions like Back Control or the Arm Saddle.

Plan 2 is focused on the Sitting Guard and all the different situations that can happen before you have locked in your Guillotine Guard. This is very important because you learn how to deal with the most common reactions of your opponent. In other words if you want to have a strong Guillotine Guard you have to understand and be able to deal with the resistance that happens along the way.

Actually there is even more stuff that is connected to the Guillotine Guard which I haven´t put out on video yet. So expect that these gameplans will be updated from time to time. I hope this will help you to develope a strong Guard game and if you have any questions just let me know and send me an E-Mail.

To get a closer look at the two gameplans just klick on the pictures.

Guillotine Guard Gameplan 1



Guillotine Guard Gameplan 2

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