If you Want to Fight Efficiently you Have to Breath Efficiently

Breathing is simple unless you find yourself in a fight or any other physically or mentally intense situation. Breathing is one of the most fundamental abilities of your body. You don´t have to think about it unless you are facing a physically or mentally intense situation.

Maybe you can relate to the following scenario. You are in your BJJ gym and you had some good rolls and now it is time to face this new but athletic Whitebelt. The guy isn´t technical but strong and tensed and after a few seconds of rolling you feel how tension and negative emotions are growing in yourself. You try harder but as harder you try as worse your BJJ become. Soon you feel like a Beginner and you wonder where your BJJ skills have gone.

After a long and hard battle you tap the guy but you feel exhausted and frustrated about your missing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills. Especially because you had a few great rolls before and you felt really good until you had your “Battle” with these strong beginner.

You might guess that something must have happened while rolling and you are right. The physical an mental tensions of your training partner, and your own expectations about yourself made you tense up. You where holding your breath, your heartbeat went up and your emotions changed from relaxed to angry. After a while lactic acid was flooding your body and your fine motor skills (also known as BJJ Skills) where non existent anymore. After that it was only willpower and conditioning.

I know this scenario from my own experience as an athlete and also as an coach and that´s why I started my research about breathing techniques many years ago.

I studied Yoga, learned Russian Martial Arts and bioenergetic exercises and experimented a lot with the students in my BJJ school until I came up with a simple yet effective breathing system that can help you to boost your performance.

Don´t get me wrong. My system can´t give you magical BJJ skills but it can help you to use your already existing abilities in the best possible way. The way you breath will influence your endurance and also the way you move. Even the ability to make quick decisions (in a Fight) will be influenced by your breathing. Don´t allow emotions, tensions or anger to destroy your performance. Breathing will keep you mentally focused and emotionally calm so you can deal with the Chaos of a Fight, Competition or Self Defense Situation


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Volume one covers the 10 basic principles that will help you to understand our breathing system. These principles will help you to breath more fluid and relaxed even if you face a physically or mentally tough situation like a intense training session, competition or self defense scenario


In volume 2 you will learn more about the 10 breathing principles and you will also learn the “Seven Rolls” which are fundamental ground movements that will help you to coordinate movement and breathing into a smooth flow. These drills will boost your BJJ performance

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

In the third volume of the series you will learn how to train with a Grappling dummy. You will also learn standing exercises and how to breath in intense static and isometric situatons (like you are in the clinch, etc.). You will also learn what cold water can teach you about breathing

What you can Expect from this Video Course

        • More endurance and the ability to pace yourself in intense sparring or fighting situations

        • Smoother and more relaxed movement

        • Mental calmness and absence of emotions (anger, etc.)

        • Better and faster decision making and flow of techniques

        • The ability to recover faster (because you are more relaxed while you train and even after)

        • A better understanding of breathing, physical tensions & movement

        • The ability to create your own exercises and drills using the principles covered in this course


Here is what you get

        • Volume 1

          Running Time 63 Minutes

          Intro – How my system works

          The 10 basic breathing principles

          Principle No. 1 Diaphragmatic breathing (Full belly breathing)

          Principle No. 2 Continuous breathing

          Principle No. 3 The three levels of breathing

          Principle No. 4 Breathing intensity & speed

          Principle No. 5 Smooth breathing

        • Volume 2

          Running Time 80 Minutes

          Principle No. 6 Focus on exhalation

          Principle No. 7 Lead with your breath

          Principle No. 8 Combine movement and breathing

          Principle No. 9 Breath dictates the pace

          Principle No. 10 Focus your mind on breathing

          Groundwork – “The Seven Rolls”

        • Volume 3

          Running Time 91 Minutes

          Exercises with a Grappling dummy / heavy bag

          Standing breathing exercises

          How to breath in static / isometrics ituations (6 exercises)

          Breathing for emotional release

          What cold water can teach you about breathing


Watch the offical trailer and some preview footage of our series


My Customer Guarantee

I have created my video series with 100% commitment and the wish to help people learning our Breathing System. I want satisfied customers. That´s why I have a special guarantee:

If you are not fully satisfied with my product for any reason, just contact me within 60 days for a full refund of your purchase price.

So don´t wait. There is absolutely no risk.

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