The Trinity Concept – The key to understand effortless Jiu Jitsu

The Tomoe symbol represents the trinity concept of my Jiu Jitsu

The Trinity concept is the most important concept in my Style of BJJ because it defines where I am coming from and how I teach and train Jiu Jitsu. So if you want to understand my BJJ mindset stay with me I will explain it in this article. Basically my BJJ is based on three cornerstones. These cornerstones intersect each other and this intersection is building my effortless Jiu Jitsu .

Oldschool BJJ
I started BJJ in 1994 and in these days BJJ was synonymous which no rules fighting and self defense. I saw Royce and Rickson winning their fights and was amazed by the “Gracie in Action” tapes. For the first month and even years that was my picture of BJJ and it was also my motivation to train. I came from Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do and self defense was an important part of my martial arts mindset so the combat nature of BJJ was exactly what I was looking for.

Even today I consider oldschool BJJ a cornerstone of my system. I love to teach and train the self defense and “Vale Tudo” applications of BJJ and I think these aspects are pretty underrated and underdeveloped today because only a few schools are training them today. I never liked the classical BJJ self defense applications because I feel they are difficult to perform under pressure against a resisting opponent. However by focusing on the strong points of BJJ: Closing the distance, dominating the clinch and finishing the fight on the ground I came up with my own combative approach of BJJ self defense which is simple, practical and works well for modern day self defense scenarios.

Whenever someone starts training in my school the BJJ self defense concepts are the first things he learns because I believe by understanding the BJJ self defense strategy a student will get a much better understanding of why BJJ is the way it is. Why we clinch, why we like certain positions on the ground and why we torque peoples limbs and squeeze their necks? All these question will be answered once a student understands the BJJ self defense mindset and strategy. In my opinion self defense is the base of BJJ. It is one of the reasons some starts training and it represents for me the serious, male, Yang part of BJJ. It is a great starting point but it is definitely not the end. Since where is Yang there must be a Yin.;-)

Modern No-Gi BJJ
Even so self defense plays a big part in my system I have also always loved No-Gi sport BJJ. I have competed in it when I was younger and even most of my younger students compete from time to time in No-Gi events. I honestly believe that you can´t reach your full potential in BJJ without training a sport approach of BJJ without strikes. For me No-Gi BJJ represents the deep and fascinating art of BJJ. It´s playful but it is also a highly evolved science that technically evolved beyond believe in the last 20 years. I am not into rules, time limits and points but the art of getting a submission when you roll without punches is just amazing to me.

Therefore No-Gi BJJ ( I never had interest in training with the Gi) is the second cornerstone of my System. It helps me to develop better sport specific attributes and broaden my technical knowledge of BJJ beyond the basic requirements for self defense. While Vale Tudo and self defense training helps you to develop a tight direct game the sport training will enhance your creativity, flow and technical variety. If you combine both your BJJ will grow continuously. I have month where I am more focused on combative BJJ and other where I am more focused on sport BJJ especially when you do BJJ for live and you are not a competition this is pretty good for the own motivation. I rarely get bored from BJJ and if I do I simply switch the focus to another aspect of training.

Internal Training
This is the third cornerstone of my BJJ. You might have heard the stories about the old master who barely touches you with a punch and you feel like a sledgehammer hits you. Or someone grabs you with two fingers and just throws you around with using any strength at all. I have heard all these stories but what is more important I have experienced a few of these masters and have felt their power on my own. I can tell you these things are real. I am not saying that all of these guys can use their skills in MMA but I know for sure that there are certain body skills that give you very unusual abilities when it comes to fighting.

I have trained with masters from Systema, Internal Boxing and Aunkai and I believe that the internal training methods of these styles can help you a lot with your own fighting skills. Especially if you get older and you are looking for ways to get better without using the attributes of the youth (speed, power and endurance). In the last 13 years I have focused a lot on this training and feel that it is a great addition to my BJJ training. Being in my mid forties I know that speed, power and explosiveness leads often to injuries and a lot of wear and tear and so using internal power is something that could give you a new perspective when you are not 25 anymore.

Internal training is difficult to explain on paper and easier to be felt. It has nothing to do with esoteric energies but with a certain way of organizing your body and creating better movement abilities. I would label it as combative dexterity.

Effortless Jiu Jitsu
All the three cornerstones dissect each other and out of these dissection my effortless Jiu Jitsu is born and is still evolving every day. Oldschool BJJ represents my roots, my history and the serious, martial aspect of Jiu Jitsu. Sport BJJ is the art and science that will help you to dive every day deeper into the art and internal training will give you some tools to be as timeless as you can be.The Trinity Concept is so important that it is the base of myschool logo. The japanese tomoe symbol represents this trinity while the Triangle represents my roots in BJJ. The number 610 in the middle represents The number 610 represents my personal form of BJJ which is created through my history and the trinity concept.